Opportunities for Ministry

Auxiliary Name Day(s)                     Time* Location*
Angel Choir     Off Site
Anvil Choir Thursdays 6:30pm Choir Room
Boy Scouts 2nd & 4th Saturdays 10:00am QLC #2
Celestial Choir Tuesday 6:30pm Choir Room
Evangelism Ministry 3rd Saturday 1:00pm CL Johnson
Girl Scouts 2nd & 4th Saturdays 12:00pm QLC #2
Hospitality Ministry 3rd Tuesday 6:00pm CL Johnson
Intercessory Prayer Wednesdays 6:00pm CL Johnson
Junior Usher Board Sat. before 2nd Sunday 1:00pm Sanctuary
Karate Tues. & Thurs., Saturday 6-7:30pm 12-1:30pm QLC #2
Lay Organization 3rd Saturday 11:00am CL Johnson
CL Johnson
Sons of Allen 2nd Saturday 8:00am Gillespie Hall
Nurses Guild 4th Saturday 10:00am Bawl Room
Praise Dance Saturdays 10:00am Gillespie Hall
Praise Team Thursdays 7:00pm CL Johnson
Senior Usher Board Sat. before 3rd Sunday 10:30am Bawl Room
Seniors on the Move 3rd Wednesdays 12:00 pm Gillespie Hall
Steward Board Tues. after 1st Sunday 7:00pm CL Johnson
Stewardess Board Sat. before 1st Sunday 9:00am  
Sunday Church School Brd 4th Saturday 10:30am CL Johnson
Trustee Board Tues. after 1st Sunday 5:30pm CL Johnson
Sisters With a Purpose (S.W.A.P.) 3rd Saturday 10:00am  
GB Missionary Society 2nd Saturday 10:00am CL Johnson
Young Anvil Society 2nd Saturday 3:00pm  
Young People Dept. (YPD) 2nd Saturday 12:00pm CL Johnson
Young Levites Choir Wednesday 6:00pm Choir Room
*Schedules/Locations subject to change; Confirm meetings with respective Ministry leader or Office.